Falconry in Dubai

Falconry in DubaiDubai has many attractive sports and activities. Camel racing and Falconry in Dubai is just one of these. A guided tour through the Desert Conservation Reserve will let you see the beautifully preserved wildlife area. When you’re in Dubai, what you don’t want to miss is the chance to experience how falconry is like in the place.  Falconry is an important part of desert life that has been practiced in UAE for a long time. Initially used for hunting to add meat to the Bedouin diet, falconry is observed solely for sport nowadays. An interactive wildlife experience will introduce you to the vast Dubai Wildlife Safari and the ancient art of falconry. You’ll get the chance to see the best trained falcons in the world and even try to fly or lure a falcon on your own.


Falconry Popular Hobby – How is Falconry Done?
Falconry in Dubai is an important part of Arab culture and heritage. The peregrine and the saker are the two main falcon species kept in the UAE. Training and trapping falcons requires a significant amount of bravery, skill and patience. Having a close-up view of the beauty, grace and power of a falcon in flight as well as the possible danger is just part of the entire thrill of engaging in this activity.The falconer tames and trains the falcon once it is acquired. The bird is not given food and its eyes are covered with a leather hood to make taming easier. The falconer stays with the bird at all times during the first few weeks to form a relationship with the falcon.



Tethers are placed around the falcon’s ankles to restrain it. During the day, the falcon sits on the leather sleeve of the falconer while he is holding the tethers. The bird is always kept close to the lure. By night, a shorter cord is used to attach the tethers to a tiny wooden perch shaped like a mushroom. This allows the bird to move more freely without being able to escape. The falcon is named by the falconer and constantly called by its name to ensure that the bird recognizes the falconer’s voice from far distances.


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Early training includes removing the leather hood and permitting the falcon to move from its perch to the hand of the falconer while its leg restraints are held. The bird will eventually start to make short flights. The lure will be taken away and replaced by raw meat placed about 100 yards away from the falcon. Another person will get rid of the leather hood while the falconer calls the name of the bird and dangles the lure. Once the falcon flies over and gets the lure, the falcon gives it some meat as a reward.


The training will include live prey later on that the bird is permitted to swoop at before it is lured away by the falconer with meat. This teaches the bird not to kill the prey right away. The prey should still be alive when its throat is slashed and blood is drained so that the hunters can eat it in line with their beliefs. We hope that you enjoyed the informations over  Falconry in Dubai  here  on Dubai Casino  and wish  you now lots of fun on our Website



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