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Dubai Racing LiveDubai horse racing and Dubai Racing Live is a popular sport around the world. Every year, people bet billions upon billions of dollars on horse races. Some win big, others lose but millions of people enjoy the excitement of a day at Dubai races. While Dubai racing live is often associated with the United Kingdom and United States, it has been growing rapidly in UAE, Australia, Japan and Asia. Betting in Dubai is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts across the globe. The fascination of pitting knowledge and opinion against the bookmaker or exchange to win a potentially large second income is a thrill many cannot live without.



Betting on horse racing is not something to be taken lightly and you will need more than luck to stay in the game. In order to make money on betting on horse racing, you need to be armed with an understanding of the industry and your enemy, and that includes the bookmaker. These things will be learned over the years by anyone involved with betting on horse racing. There are key rules that should be considered when you go to war during the start of any new flat season. These rules are by no means exhaustive but are four of the most important to consider whether you are a new seasoned bettor or a seasoned pro.

Rules to Finding Winners and Avoiding Losers for the New Flat Season
Match Fitness- Go online before the race and tune in to the many professional services that are paddock side so they can do it for you. If you have the internet, you are as good as there take heed. A quick inspection of the paddock can help reduce potentially ten runners to three in blink of the eye.
Market Moves- Do not blindly follow markets. In order to win long term, you need to go against them. Look for small reverse moves just before the off. Learn with your own calculations to watch the boards and if you fancy a runner that has a 4% swing in the market just before the off.
Dubai Racing LiveTrainer Form- There is no better time of year to take a very strong look at trainer form than now. You should take note of the trainers strike rate at certain times of the year as many have a recurring pattern.  Jockey Booking- Many of the star jockeys of the flat racing scene will be back from warmer shores after spending their winters in places like Dubai and the USA. Their energy is renewed once more for the start of the coming flat championship. Look out for trainer and jockey combinations that do particularly well and keep them onside.


The Racing Post paper has a great stats section where these figures are readily available.
Any study and homework can only reap rewards long term, as you pit your wits against those who do not. The fact is, statistics do not lie and history repeats itself over and over again. You can place yourself in a strong position against those that do not take the care and time to do their homework. Betting on Dubai Casino is exciting and following these guidelines can greatly help you to get the new season off to a flying start. Good luck and much fun with

Dubai Racing Live

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