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Can you gamble in Dubai ?

Can you gamble in DubaiCan you gamble in Dubai ? From the luxurious beaches on the French Riviera to the picturesque islands of Crete. From the casinos of Monaco to the quiet luxury of the Maldives, you will readily find these classes of people trying their luck at the gambling tables or stretched across their reclining beach stools or swimming in the warm or cool water of the nearest pool. If you have the time, money and inclination, why not make Dubai your stopover for the next holidays? Dubai has very much transformed itself into an enviable tourist destination worthy of world recognition and standards.


Today, Dubai is an amalgam of various events and structures that are carefully planned to be of use and attraction to the traveler, no matter what his or her nationality or interests. Dubai is developing itself as the trading and financial hub of the entire Persian Gulf and Abu Dhabi is running fast to catch up.


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Conditions faced by travellers and tourists in each of the emirates can be very different, even though each of them is quite small. Currently, there are only 3 legal casinos in the country. Can you gamble in Dubai ? Online you can play on Dubai Casino with licensed online-casinos and high bonuses.  While wealthy Arabs do have a reputation for gambling, this is normally something they prefer to do outside of their own home countries. This may change in coming years in Dubai, as it continues to develop as a tourist destination.

It should be noted that some of the emirates are dry, that is no alcohol is allowed. Outside of the legal and licensed online casinos for Dubai gamers, it may be possible to find a variety of gambling games but with the exception of betting on camel racing, it is very strongly suggested that visitors do not partake, nor indeed, that they drink alcohol illegally. In general, law in the Emirates is based on sharia law. This might be better known as the system that prescribes the death penalty for adultery, the chopping off of hands for theft and what might be less well known, whipping for drinking alcohol.


A large number of guest workers are in each and every one of the various pieces of the Emirates.
They create a series of almost ghettoes, with the Europeans and Americans making up one, the South Asians another, the Jordanians and Palestinians another and so on. Within these groups, various forms of gambling may take place, as with drinking and other activities, but as a visitor, it is better to avoid such things unless you know your companions well. Dubai has a cultural village encapsulating its history and museums and a lot of shopping centers. There is also a Summer and Winter Festival. Living in Dubai for short or long term offers a multitude of opportunities.

There is a wide choice between Dubai luxury apartments for the well off to Dubai apartments for 1-2 month stay over. Can you gamble in Dubai? If you have an internet connection, you can play at home and place your bet without encountering any hassles. Casinos in Dubai are always ready to accommodate and assist you to have a memorable and exciting casino experience.

Can you gamble in Dubai ?

Yes you can! Play in our reputable and licensed online casinos like the arab 888casino, have much fun and luck!

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